We Tame Tangled Cables

Turn to Big Tex AV today for cable management services in Lubbock, TX

Big Tex AV sees this problem all the time. You need to unplug a device from your audio and video system, but its wire intertwines with others. You spend several frustrating moments pulling the tangled wires apart.

When you finally free the wire you're looking for, you're still left with the ugly snarl of remaining wires. Instead of dealing with this every time you need to unplug a device or audio cable, turn to Big Tex AV for cable management services.

If you call 806-939-5577, Big Tex AV will send a professional to help you with residential or commercial cable management.

Our pro will sort out the wires neatly. Plus, residential or commercial cable management will:

  • Reduce signal interference
  • Make maintenance easier
  • Limit clutter for more free space
  • Manage fire hazards

When you want to see these advantages and get your cables under control, call us right away to schedule cable management services.