Go All-Out for Movie Night

Boost your home entertainment in Lubbock, TX with home audio installation

You host a movie night in your Lubbock, TX home. Before the movie starts, your friends sit and chat, talking over the sounds of the previews. When the movie begins, you turn out the lights and turn up your home audio system.

The conversation stops as everyone listens. You have theater-quality sound from a recent home audio installation service, and you enjoy the rest of the movie as if you're in a theater instead of your own home.

Would you like to put together a custom home theater like this? Start by calling Big Tex AV at 806-939-5577 for a free estimate on home audio installation services.

Count on us to build a fantastic audio system and enhance your home entertainment features. Big Tex AV can set up:

  • Home theaters
  • Whole-house audio systems
  • TVs
  • Outdoor audio systems
  • Outdoor video systems

Reach out to us now to create a custom home theater you're sure to love.